Aces and Eights

Top-10 Classic Amber Zones

This is my list of the Top-10 Amber Zones from the (first 24) Classic JTAS. This ranking is based on how much fun we had playing these. It should also be said that an Amber Zone is never a full adventure, so you’ll always have to fill in lots of bits on your own and then also fit it into your campaign. I wanted to post this so that you can see what one of the members of the Jury will look for in the contest.

  1. Aces & Eights, by John M. Ford from JTAS #14
  2. Roadshow, by John M. Ford from JTAS #23
  3. Foxhound, by J.D. Webster from JTAS #14
  4. Chariots of Fire, by Anders Blixt from JTAS #18
  5. Thoughtwaves, by John Ford from JTAS #13
  6. Small Package, by J. Andrew Keith from JTAS #19
  7. Royal Hunt, by J. Andrew Keith from JTAS #12
  8. Lockbox, by J. Andrew Keith from JTAS #13
  9. Embassy in Arms, by John Marshal from JTAS #24
  10. Homesteaders’ Stand, by William H. Keith, Jr from JTAS #21

In a league of its own are (in my opinion) the first two. Other than that I like some action, mystery, horror and Striker scenarios. The Amber Zones from the later issues was generally better than in the first issues. No Amber Zone scenario from the first 11 issues is on this list.

I know that there are some circumstances that may seem strange in Aces & Eights, but once you sort that out, Aces & Eights is a fantastic adventure that can easily be followed by more adventure trying to find the treasure.

In Roadshow the PCs will work for a rock band (Veedback). You can make this Amber Zone very similar to the adventure Cirque (that is one of the prizes in the opening contest) where the PCs work for a circus.

Aces and Eights

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