The Mansion

The top three

The top three in the Amber Zone Opening Contest are:

  1. The Spaces Between by Friz
  2. A Hostile Takeover by Library Bob
  3. Unit 10 from N…  by Eric Bergmueller

We have already presented the winner.

For the second place, Library Bob will get Prize Pack 1: the Shipyard Package from DSL Ironworks.

Some comments from the Jury:

“For a one nighter this would be a fantastic beer and chips adventure to run.” Dylan

“A classic dungeon crawl. A well-done one, too.” Mike

“It remind me of Research Station Gamma with all the robots.” BeRKA

For the third place Eric Bergmueller will get Bastards of Foreven Starter Bundle from DSL Ironworks.

Some comments from the Jury:

“Great mercenary adventure here which takes advantage of one of the greatest strengths of the OTU – anything can be wedged into the milieu and be made to work.” Dylan

“In fact, I would say that the only reason the rebels haven’t already won is because they are obviously idiots.” Mike

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