The Winner Is (2021)

We have a winner! The winner of the Amber Zone Contest 2021 (and of $102 at DriveThruRPG) is PoetrySue with the Amber Zone The Githiaskio Mystery.

A great adventure that lets the PCs travel to a number of planets to look for relatives to the Githiaskio. This is a great idea for an adventure and the Githiaskio are a very cool race. Also, the PC’s contact is an uplifted Dolphin (another cool race) that is also an NPC with an interesting background. This could be a one shot adventure, but it could easily be a start of a campaign.

When I will referee this Amber Zone, then I will probably not place it in the Trojan Reach Sector. I would place the adventure closer to the Githiaskio home world in the Antares Sector. Extra complications could involve travelling to Vargr and/or Julian planets.

I would also include an old Droyne Coyn Set that has a Githiaskio symbol, but is missing the Aslan one. A fun thing that you could then do near the end of the adventure is to let the PCs find a brand new coyn set where the human symbol has been replaced with something else (e.g. a Chip or Hhkar).


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