Daccamite ruins

The Amindii Historian

The players are approached by a well-dressed Amindii historian named K’ara who claims to have uncovered evidence of Daccamite ruins on Ruie that could prove invaluable to her research. She hires the players to travel to Ruie and locate the ruins, where she hopes to find evidence of the old trade relations between the Amindii and Daccamites.

Amindii Professor

The ruins of the Daccamites on Ruie are located deep within the dense forests of Nebelthorn, hidden from view by a thick canopy. The ruins are a sprawling complex of ancient stone buildings, partially buried by centuries of overgrowth and decay. The area is teeming with dangerous wildlife, making travel on foot extremely treacherous.

To travel to the ruins unnoticed, the players will need to land their spaceship in a remote area and trek through the dense forest to avoid detection or land at the Canaday Starport and find a vehicle. However, even if they manage to avoid detection, they will still have to contend with dangerous predators and other obstacles along the way.

The ATV available at the Canaday Starport is a sturdy, six-wheeled vehicle designed for navigating rugged terrain. Its exterior is made of reinforced metal plating, with a camouflaged paint job to help it blend in with the surroundings. The interior is spacious, with room for up to four passengers and equipment storage compartments. The ATV is equipped with an advanced navigation system and a ruggedized communication array. It has both manual and automated driving modes, with a top speed of 100 kph. Additionally, the ATV is outfitted with a variety of sensors, including thermal imaging and radar, to help the players detect any potential dangers in their path.

Nebelthorn is a highly authoritarian nation with a rigid caste system, and the ruling class may view any evidence of trade contact with the Daccamites as a threat to their power and legitimacy. Additionally, the Imperium may also be interested in suppressing this information as it could disrupt established historical narratives and even trigger diplomatic tensions with neighboring powers.

The dangerous wildlife on Ruie can be diverse and highly lethal. Some examples include:

Ruiean sand serpents: These massive, burrowing creatures can reach up to 15 meters in length and are highly territorial. They are capable of sensing vibrations in the sand and can move with lightning speed to ambush prey.

Nebelthorn death bees: These flying insects have highly toxic venom that can kill a human in seconds. They are fiercely protective of their hives and will attack anything that comes too close.

Bloodthirsty leapers: These small, agile predators hunt in packs and are known for their incredible jumping ability. They can launch themselves up to 10 meters in a single bound and are often difficult to see until they are right on top of their prey.

In Nebelthorn, the players may encounter hostile civilians and military personnel, including:

Nebelthorn royal guards: These elite soldiers are fiercely loyal to the ruling caste and will stop at nothing to protect their masters.

Nebelthorn enforcers: These members of the lower caste serve as the primary law enforcement agents in Nebelthorn. They are often corrupt and can be easily bribed, but are also highly suspicious of outsiders.

Caste zealots: These civilians are fiercely devoted to the caste system and will not hesitate to attack anyone who threatens it. They are often armed with primitive weapons but can be highly effective in large numbers.

Once the players reach the ruins, they will find that Nebelthorn is not a welcoming place. The locals are fiercely protective of their territory and will likely be hostile to outsiders. The players will need to use all their skills to navigate the treacherous terrain and avoid any potential confrontations with the locals.

Daccamite ruins

As they explore the ruins, the players will encounter a variety of dangers, including traps, collapsed structures, and dangerous creatures. They will need to use their wits and skills to navigate the ruins safely and locate the evidence that K’ara is seeking.

However, they may also discover that they are not alone in the ruins. Other factions may have learned of the ruins’ existence and are also seeking to claim the artifacts for their own purposes. The players may find themselves in a race against time to locate the evidence before their rivals do, while also fending off any threats they may encounter along the way.

When the evidence and artifacts are found, the players will have to decide how to safely transport them back to the Canaday Starport. The artifacts are well-preserved, and some of them still work. The writings on the artifacts are written in the extinct Daccamite language, but the players can decipher them if they have the necessary skills or hire someone who does.

Once they have the evidence and artifacts, the players will need to return to the Canaday Starport without attracting too much attention. However, Nebelthorn authorities and/or anti-Amindii factions may try to stop them, leading to potential confrontations.

If they manage to make it back to the Canaday Starport and leave Ruie, they will likely face additional challenges and risks during their journey back to Regina. The Imperium or other interested parties may attempt to intercept them or steal the evidence and artifacts.

Once they arrive back at Regina, the Amindii who hired them will be pleased with the evidence and artifacts, and will reward the players accordingly. However, the Imperium and Nebelthorn authorities may also take an interest in the evidence, potentially leading to further conflicts and complications.

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