Amber Zones

Amber Zones from the Amber Zone Contest:

  1. A Walk Through the Valley by Library Bob
  2. A Hostile Takeover by Library Bob
  3. The Spaces Between by Friz, winner 2014 🏆
  4. Littul Kittons by Drifter
  5. Undeniable by Jonathan Crocker
  6. Courier Down by Traveller John
  7. Papa Tango One-Niner by Eric Bergmueller
  8. Kellan’s Heroes by Eric Bergmueller
  9. Unit 10 from N… by Eric Bergmueller
  10. One Second to Midnight by Alegis Downport
  11. Honeymoon Cruise by Jonathan Crocker
  12. Sinking Ship by Library Bob
  13. Out of the Frying Pan by Marcus Maxiumus
  14. Welcome to the Grand Illusion! by Eric Bergmueller
  15. A Call to Arms! by Jason Weiser
  16. Lanthanum Hunt by Jim Vassilakos
  17. Rogue Planet by Marcus Maxiumus
  18. Judge Me Worthy by Friz, winner 2015 🏆
  19. Prisoner Exchange by Marcus Maxiumus
  20. Aid and Comfort by Library Bob
  21. Wardn Gambits by Meteoric Assault
  22. Theatre of Operations by Michael Brown
  23. Ice Cold on Alexandria by Alegis Downport
  24. Ashfall by Marcus Maxiumus
  25. Peril of the Lord Brisbane by Marcus Maxiumus
  26. Cold Snap Happy by Ade Stewart
  27. Send in the Clones by Marcus Maxiumus
  28. Saving Fluffy by Marcus Maxiumus
  29. The Outer Limits by Library Bob
  30. Big Dam Heroes by Ade Stewart
  31. Foster Welbrook by Friz
  32. Suitcase of Trouble by Steve Stein
  33. A Shot (and a beer) In the Dark by Mark Suszko, winner 2019 🏆
  34. Burn the Philadelphia! by Library Bob
  35. The Spoils of War by Alex Treacher
  36. Dr Aardmore I Presume by Library Bob
  37. Oceans Dirtside by Alegis Downport
  38. Research Double-Cross by Marcus Maxiumus
  39. Medivac! by Timothy Collinson
  40. Passage for Carlo by James
  41. Rue nee Curios by Timothy Collinson (and AI)
  42. Hold Your Horses by Will Post
  43. Milk Run by Will Post
  44. The Hunt by Craig Oliver
  45. The Kh-Djatsc by Neil Lucock
  46. The Gods of Yesterday by Patrick Kanouse
  47. The Githiaskio Mystery by PoetrySue winner 2021 🏆
  48. Night of Terrors by Marcus Maxiumus
  49. The Breakout by Alegis Downport
  50. Spindrift by Timothy Collinson
  51. Don’t Stick Your Nose In by Ade Stewart and Julian Prietz
  52. 28 Centuries later by Ewan Quibell

100 Amber Zones