Daccamite ruins

The Amindii Historian

The players are approached by a well-dressed Amindii historian named K’ara who claims to have uncovered evidence of Daccamite ruins on Ruie that could prove invaluable to her research. She hires the players to travel to Ruie and locate the ruins, where she hopes to find evidence of the old trade relations between the Amindii and Daccamites.

Amindii Professor

The ruins of the Daccamites on Ruie are located deep within the dense forests of Nebelthorn, hidden from view by a thick canopy. The ruins are a sprawling complex of ancient stone buildings, partially buried by centuries of overgrowth and decay. The area is teeming with dangerous wildlife, making travel on foot extremely treacherous. Continue reading

Cogs and Cannons

Max and Elsa

The players are sitting at a table in the corner of the crowded inn, sipping their ale and discussing their next move. They are a band of rugged adventurers, well-known in the area for their skills and bravery. Suddenly, a young couple approaches them, standing awkwardly at their table.

The Inn

“Excuse me,” the man, Max, says nervously. “We couldn’t help but overhear that you are seasoned travelers. We were wondering if you could help us with a small problem we’re facing.”

The players eye the couple suspiciously. “What kind of problem?” one of them asks gruffly.

“We need to get to Skåne, but we fear we are being followed,” the woman, Elsa, explains. “We have heard that you are the best in the business at discreetly transporting people and goods. We are willing to pay you two Marks for your services.”

The players exchange glances, weighing the potential danger and reward of accepting the couple’s offer. After a moment, they nod in agreement.

“We’ll do it,” the leader of the group says. “But you must tell us everything. Who are you, and why are you being followed?”

Max and Elsa exchange a worried look before Max speaks. “We can’t tell you our full names, but you can call us Max and Elsa. We are in danger, but we can’t say from whom. All we can say is that we are being pursued by retired mercenaries who are trying to kidnap us.”

The players nod, understanding the gravity of the situation. “We’ll do our best to keep you safe,” the leader assures the couple. “But we must be prepared for anything. Do you have any weapons or means of defense?”

Max shakes his head. “We have nothing but the clothes on our backs and the two Marks we promised to pay you. We are at your mercy.”

The players nod, standing up and gathering their weapons and gear. “We’ll leave at first light tomorrow,” the leader says. “In the meantime, we’ll keep watch over you and make sure you’re safe.”

The group spends the rest of the night in the inn, taking turns standing guard and watching for any signs of the mercenaries. The next morning, they set sail on their cog boat, heading towards Skåne. However, just as they are about to leave the harbor, the mercenaries attack.

The burly men storm into the inn, brandishing their weapons and shouting for Max and Elsa. The players spring into action, drawing their swords and engaging the mercenaries in a fierce battle. The innkeeper, Helga, screams and cowers behind the bar, while the other patrons scatter and run for cover.

Gunther, the old sailor, joins the fray, wielding a rusty cutlass and showing surprising agility for his age. The fight is intense, but the players and Gunther are skilled warriors and they quickly gain the upper hand. The mercenaries, despite their experience, are no match for the players’ and Gunther’s coordinated attacks and superior weapons. One by one, the mercenaries fall, until only a few are left standing.


“Surrender now and we’ll spare your lives,” the leader of the group says, his sword pointed at the remaining mercenaries. The mercenaries, realizing they are outnumbered and outmatched, drop their weapons and surrender.

The players continue on their journey to Skåne, keeping a wary eye out for any further threats. As they navigate the Baltic Sea, they can see a small, sleek ship following them in the distance. It is flying the flag of the Hanseatic League, indicating that it is a trading vessel. However, as it gets closer, the players can see the glint of cannons on its deck, and they realize that it is not a friendly ship.

Cogs and Cannons

A cannon fight ensues, but the players are able to outmaneuver the Hanseatic ship and continue on their journey to Skåne. When they finally reach their destination, Max and Elsa thank the players profusely and hand them their promised payment. The couple disappears into the crowded streets of Skåne, their ultimate fate unknown.

The players return to the inn in Stralsund, where they are greeted warmly by Helga. She thanks them for their bravery and assistance, and offers them a hearty meal and a comfortable bed for the night. The players accept gratefully, happy to rest after their ordeal on the sea.

As they sit down to eat, Gunther, the old sailor, approaches them with a proposition. “I couldn’t help but overhear your story,” he says. “You’re a brave bunch, and I could use some help on my next voyage. What do you say, lads? Are you up for a bit of adventure?”

The players exchange glances, grinning at the thought of another exciting journey. “We’re always up for a challenge,” the leader of the group says. “

The Ballad of Max and Elsa

Verse 1:
We set sail on the morning tide,
With Max and Elsa by our side.
The wind was strong and the sea was rough,
But we braved the storm and faced it with stuff.

Verse 2:
We fought off foes and braved the fight,
On our journey to the distant Skåne height.
Through cannon fire and treacherous waves,
We proved our worth and gained a sailor’s fame.

We are the crew of the sturdy cog,
Defenders of the weak and strong.
Our swords are sharp and our hearts are true,
We are the brave adventurers, through and through.

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The evil leaders

The Shadows of Paris

It is the summer of 1969, and you and your team of secret agents are on a mission to take down an evil organization that has been operating in the shadows of Paris.

As you make your way through the bustling streets of the city, you can feel the tension in the air. The city is on edge, as the people are aware that something sinister is at work in their midst.

The Team in Paris

You and your team must be careful as you move through the city, as the evil organization has eyes and ears everywhere. They will stop at nothing to protect their interests and maintain their grip on the city.

As you make your way to the heart of the city, you come across a group of the organization’s henchmen. They are heavily armed and ready for a fight.

Henchmen in Paris

You and your team must use all of your skills and training to take down the henchmen and make your way deeper into the city.

Finally, after a long and grueling battle, you come face to face with the leader of the evil organization. He is a ruthless and cunning foe, but you are determined to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.

The evil leaders

In a thrilling final showdown, you and your team battle against the leader and his most trusted henchmen. The fate of Paris hangs in the balance, and it is up to you to save the city and bring the evil organization to justice.

Final Battle

In the end, thanks to your bravery and determination, you are able to defeat the leader and his minions, bringing peace to Paris once again. The city is forever grateful for your heroics, and you and your team are hailed as heroes.

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The Pink Planet

The adventure begins on Planet Claire, a strange and exotic world where the air is pink and the trees are red. The players are approached by a mysterious woman named Emily, who offers them a lucrative job. She wants the players to travel to the nearby planet of Idaho and destroy a group of rogue war robots known as Rock Lobsters.

According to Emily, the Rock Lobsters were once used by the military for various purposes, but they have recently revolted and now attack all humans on sight. She believes that the players, with their expertise and combat skills, are the only ones who can stop them and restore order to Idaho.


As the players prepare for their mission, they must also try to uncover the mystery behind the Rock Lobsters’ revolt. Why did they turn against their human creators? Who is behind their sudden aggression? The answers to these questions may hold the key to stopping the Rock Lobsters once and for all.

After arriving on Idaho, the players begin their search for the Rock Lobsters. They quickly discover that the planet is crawling with the massive, lobster-like machines, and they must use all of their combat skills and cunning to avoid being detected and destroyed.

Rock Lobster

As they explore the planet, the players come across several other characters who can provide them with valuable information and assistance. These include:

Jack, a grizzled veteran who has been fighting the Rock Lobsters for years. He is gruff and distrusting at first, but ultimately proves to be a valuable ally.

Linda, a scientist who was part of the team that created the Rock Lobsters. She is plagued by guilt over her role in the robots’ revolt, and helps the players understand their motivations and weaknesses.

Frank, a local farmer who has lost everything to the Rock Lobsters. He is bitter and vengeful, and will stop at nothing to see the machines destroyed.

As the players continue their search, they uncover a sinister plot by a group of rogue military officers who wanted to use the Rock Lobsters as a weapon to gain power and control. With this knowledge, the players must now take on the officers and their army of Rock Lobsters in a final, epic battle to save Idaho and restore peace to the planet.

Epic Battle

Will the players succeed in their mission, or will they fall victim to the Rock Lobsters’ deadly claws and lasers? Only time will tell in this thrilling adventure on the Pink Planet.

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The Winner Is (2021)

We have a winner! The winner of the Amber Zone Contest 2021 (and of $102 at DriveThruRPG) is PoetrySue with the Amber Zone The Githiaskio Mystery.

A great adventure that lets the PCs travel to a number of planets to look for relatives to the Githiaskio. This is a great idea for an adventure and the Githiaskio are a very cool race. Also, the PC’s contact is an uplifted Dolphin (another cool race) that is also an NPC with an interesting background. This could be a one shot adventure, but it could easily be a start of a campaign.

When I will referee this Amber Zone, then I will probably not place it in the Trojan Reach Sector. I would place the adventure closer to the Githiaskio home world in the Antares Sector. Extra complications could involve travelling to Vargr and/or Julian planets.

I would also include an old Droyne Coyn Set that has a Githiaskio symbol, but is missing the Aslan one. A fun thing that you could then do near the end of the adventure is to let the PCs find a brand new coyn set where the human symbol has been replaced with something else (e.g. a Chip or Hhkar).