Look at all those Prizes

All Sponsors and have now been presented. Look at all those Prizes they have donated! The Amber Zone Opening Competition is going to be awesome.

There are a total of 13 Prizes, and all participants will get something.

Greylock Publishing Lines has donated three great prizes that are physical items, including the amazing adventure “Cirque“.

DSL Ironworks has donated two packs of PDFs. One with adventures and ships and one with very useful deckplans. Check out this review of Quick Decks 2, that is a part of the “Shipyard Package” Prize.

Spica Publishing provide three PDF bundles as prizes. The Career Bundle, the Outer Veil Bundle and the Worlds & Adventures Bundle.

Gypsy Knights Games provide three PDF bundles as prizes from their interesting (and very good) Clement Sector ATU setting.

BeRKA from the Zhodani Base adds a $50 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG.

Nils from Contact Light adds a $10 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG. (That he didn’t want for writing an Amber Zone filk.)

DSL Ironworks is also donating a prize for all participants, the Reprieve-class Escape Pod.

Lots of Prizes
Lots of Prizes : Image from wikimedia.

If any prizes should be modified, improved, added or removed, this page will be updated.

Connecting to Twitter

Blank Subsector Map
Blank Subsector Map

This post is testing that the connection to Twitter works. If all is well, then this post should show up at the Amber Zone Twitter account. I have added an image to see that it works. (This should show up at Facebook and Google+ as well.)

The Blank Subsector Map was created using QuickHex at the Zhodani base. With QuickHex you can make your own Hex Maps with any hex-size you like. You can even select the map to be transparent, so that you can overlay it on any map or background you like.