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Havurus Subsector
Havurus Subsector

This subsector was generated with the Random Subsector Generator at the Zhodani Base.

The Settings were:
Race: Pocket-Empires
Subsector: G
Rules: Book-3
Settlement: Backwater
Density: Scattered
Atmosphere Fix: Yes

Hang on, Travellers!

Welcome to the Amber Zone! This site is all about Space Adventure. Amber Zone is an old format for short adventures used in the classic version of the RPG Traveller. At the Amber Zone page at the Zhodani Base you can find some adventures to start with.

If you want to submit an adventure (in any form), then just use the contact form in the Contact Page and you will be contacted. Fan fiction for Traveller or something Science Fiction related will also be fine.

But hold on! There will be an opening contest that will start in a few days.