Gypsy Knights Games


Gypsy Knights Games is the publisher of the Clement Sector alternate Traveller universe.

Clement Sector posits that in 2210 scientists discovered a wormhole allowing travel to the opposite side of the Milky Way. Once across, exploration teams discovered worlds far more suited to human habitation than those in star systems nearer to Earth. Were they terraformed by some unknown race? Are they just a coincidence in the vast diversity of the universe?

Over the ensuing years, humans left Earth and began to colonize those worlds. Nation-backed colonies. Corporate colonies. People who simply no longer felt compelled to remain on Earth. The best and brightest.

In 2331, the unthinkable happened. The wormhole collapsed leaving those in Clement Sector cut off from Earth. Now these new worlds and new civilizations must stand on their own.

The year is 2342. Adventure awaits!

You can join the adventure at the following links:


Gypsy Knights Games will provide three large prizes.

The Hub Federation Prize Pack: A copy of Clement Sector, Hub Federation, Hub Federation Navy and Hub Federation Ground Forces.

The Starship Prize Pack: A copy of Clement Sector and all nine of the Ships of Clement Sector

The Clement Sector Starter Prize Pack: A copy of Clement Sector, 21 Plots, Career Companion, Cascadia Adventures 1: Save Our Ship, Ships of Clement Sector 5 and The Clement Sector Player’s Guide.

For the Goodie Bag:

In addition to the prize packages above, every participant will receive a PDF copy of 21 Plots III.

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