AMBER ZONE: Passage for Carlo

Players’ Information:

The players are contacted by Alberta Picerno, who wants to meet them to discuss an urgent passenger transportation mission. They meet Alberta in her office, which is lavishly appointed and in a prominent location in the heart of the city.

Alberta explains that her grandson (Carlo Picerno) needs a passage out from a nearby planet. Civil order is breaking down as several years of a poor economy has drained the authoritarian (Impersonal Bureaucracy) government’s resources and led to mass unemployment. Several new factions are vying to seize power, and supporters of the factions are now starting to target each other with bombings, kidnappings and beatings.

Carlo can’t get to the starport safely, but his house is in the countryside and a small craft could land nearby. Whilst starships must land at recognized ports, small craft are free to land anywhere where the landowner gives permission.

Alberta will cover all reasonable preparatory expenses for the rescue in advance, plus a fee of Cr200,000 when Carlo is delivered to Alberta personally. She explains that time is of the essence, you must make any preparations and depart within 24 hours.

Consulting the library, the players find that in practice the local law level is low (Level 1), although the government insists that the local laws are still in effect (Level 6).


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