AMBER ZONE: Honeymoon Cruise


Any high population, high technology world that has a gas giant in the outer system.

Player Information:

High population, high technology worlds – the economic engine that helps drive the Imperium. The thought of hauling a load of TL15 Critical Widgets to a lower TL agriworld is what gives some merchants hope some days and rightfully so.

Most of the time the really big shipments are plotted months in advance, sent on the megacorporation megafreighters that are the backbone of Imperial commerce, and kept far away from tramp merchants like ours. But there’s always cargo to assemble, to Buy Low Sell High and profit among the stars on the merchant ship Wanton Credit.

Until now, that is. A day late for six separate lots that would have been easy sales, all the brokers have left is the kind of stuff they make jokes about, and all of the coming week’s cargo spoken for too.

The Captain was giving serious consideration to trying to see if he could get our annual maintenance in early when Ishuun came in with the news. The ship’s account must have been worse than we thought when the Captain agreed to it.

The Gas Giant

The Gas Giant – NASA – Public Domain

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Somewhere in un unknown system

AMBER ZONE: Undeniable

Location: Any starport in the territory of the former First Imperium.

Patron: Lev Anderson, of Anderson Shipping, a small family-run shipping firm.

Player’s Information:

Lev needs a crew for a few weeks, ship and salvage. A merchant ship that belonged to Lev’s grandfather, Honest Answer, was declared lost decades ago. Over the years, Anderson Shipping has kept its eyes open.

Now it’s paid off – there is a lead, and Lev is convinced it’s Answer. The problem, Lev says, is the rest of the family no longer cares, and Lev must go it alone. A merchant ship, Reluctant Dancer, is fitted out and ready to lift. Lev offers cash to pay each for a week up front, balance paid upon safe return with potential for performance bonuses.

Somewhere in un unknown system

Somewhere in un unknown system – Image from wikimedia.
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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