AMBER ZONE: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Hostile Natives…

This Amber Zone is designed to be adaptable to a referee’s sector or a published planet.


  • A planet which is marked as an Amber Zone
  • Locals who are hostile (balkanized planet, low law level, xenophobic, up to the GM)
  • Hostile critters that could seriously threaten a group of PCs
  • Someplace that normally would be entirely advisable to stay away from
  • Somewhere within the Imperium (if your patron is the IISS – otherwise you’ll need a similar patron for other polities)
  • Preferably Size 4 to 10, Atmosphere Thin to Dense range with minimal taint, Hydrographics in the 30-80% range
  • Law level that will normally preclude carrying visible weapons (owning may be okay, but you aren’t a local) and obvious body armor would also draw attention of the locals
  • Tech level 5 to 7 just to make it somewhat backward
  • A nearby system with at least Average Stellar tech where the lost pilot’s call could be intercepted (1-2 hexes away)
  • Ex Scout in the group with a Scout ship


Danli Suganlii, IISS Administrator, X-boat Mail Service (this sector):

This job’s a tough one. We pride ourselves on getting the mail to the destination in a timely manner. We’ve served through piracy, wars, terrorism, budget cuts, tough jumps and rough landings. We get the job done if it can be done.

This time, one of our pilots had a failure in the ship’s computer that affected Jump calculations. He precipitated out within 10 diameters with significant damage to his vessel and the vessel’s controls getting worse by the moment. His message indicated he’d be trying to set it down but he couldn’t even tell  us where he was. He was hoping someone in the system could come rescue him.

That was eight years ago. We figured he’d been taken by pirates or the victim of terrorism or a bad mis-jump into someplace between systems.

His message travelled through interstellar space to the nearest star with a population – that took over 3 years. And it was faint. Only because there was a science vessel with advanced sensors doing some astrographic surveying nearby was the last message from the missing pilot received at all.

Now we’ve got a missing pilot, on a planet that is hostile to outside presence, and a missing ship with digital and physical mail. We owe it to the pilot, his family, and the people whose mail is stuck in transit to mount some sort of recovery.

We are short on operational assets here, but we saw you were in-system on business of your own in one of our Scouts. We need your help and thus we are reactivating the retired Scout member and his Scout-provided Scout vessel to attempt recovery of the pilot and the missing mail.

We have informed the Navy. They say a Scout ship ought to be able to get into the system okay and landfall if the crew are careful and avoid active scans.

Bring our man back, or his body, and the mail so we can deliver it.

And be discreet. The locals will be angrier than Janobian Injector Wasps if you start showing off high tech gear and acting like Aliens. That might create problems for us in the future and might get you killed in the here and now. Blend in if you can or stay out of sight if you can’t.

You’ll be given 50 KCr for trade goods that will fit within a 1 dTon of cargo space that you can use to bargain with friendly locals as they will not accept Imperial Credits and trying to use those would get you killed most likely. Choose carefully – base metals, simple medicines, and some simple TL-8 or TL-9 utility tools. Nothing too dangerous or problematic if it gets left on the planet.

There’s a success payment of 25,000 Cr each plus any ship expenses. It’s also an order for your Scout and his ship.


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