AMBER ZONE: The Breakout

Players’ Information:

Whilst taking it easy at a starport bar on Paniig, the players notice a slightly nervous looking gentleman walking in and approaching the bar. Eventually gaining enough confidence to strike up a conversation with the group, he introduces himself as Newton Alder who works for the Paniig Institute of Archeology. Following a recent expedition to the jungles, he discovered some ruins which appeared to be a several thousand years old. Unfortunately, poor weather precluded any further exploration, and the expedition was abandoned and due to political infighting at the institute, Alder can’t get any further funding. However, just before he had to leave the site, he managed to extract an object that looks like something that is not of this world, which he furtively shows the players. The box-like object is made of a metal that has so far, defied analysis. He believes that the ruins are of alien origin; therefore, it is imperative that he gets back to the site. It is so important to him he is willing to pay for the expedition himself out of his own money – if the players are interested in joining in. They would be expected to transport the archeologist and his assistant (named Galen Cantor) plus some equipment to the site in the jungle on the uninhabited side of the planet, along with escort duties in case of any animal or unexpected encounters. He can pay Cr. 50,000 and Cr. 2,000 towards any equipment expenses that the party may have ahead of the expedition.

The site is located on the other large continent on the other side of Paniig; around three-quarters of the land mass is covered by dense jungle or forests, creating a steamy, humid atmosphere. Due to this, opportunities to land the players ship are limited and they’ll have to park around 10 km from the ruins at a clearing and travel the rest on foot. The trees are massive and don’t let much light in to the ground, due to the high foliage. Once they have secured their ship, the players will have to carry their equipment necessary to establish a forward operating base at the ruins, on foot.

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