AMBER ZONE: The Githiaskio Mystery

Players’ Information:

The Githiaskio have recently discovered a piece of the Ancient’s technology on their planet buried in the deepest part of their ocean. Their archaeologists called on the neighboring Imperium to send their Ancients experts. After years of cooperative research, it was determined that this is one of many beacons the ancients placed on planets that had emerging sophonts on them. It has been theorized that the Ancients would take groups of emerging sophonts from their home world and transplant them to similar worlds with the express intention of observing evolutionary patterns. After the recent discovery of theorized sophont cephalopods on Marduk and Chalchiutlicue the Githiaskio are curious if they might be the descendants of the prehistoric Githiaskio .

Larshon, a Githiaskio representative, has enlisted the aid of Nosi an uplifted dolphin to help recruit a crew to visit a set of planets to research the possibility of the aquatic cephalopod life being sophont and making contact with them. If they are sophont the crew is asked to leave a deep-sea capable communicator that can relay messages to and from Githiaski. Larshon would like a DNA sample from each discovered species for further study.


  • Visit the list of water worlds given by Larshon.
  • Make contact with any Sophont Cephalopods on those planets.
  • Convince the discovered sophonts to open communication with Githiaski.
  • Obtain a DNA sample for research by Githiaski Scientists.


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