Rusty Jump Drive


Players’ Information:

The players are hired by Marketside Interplanetary Bank (“The FRIENDLIEST Bank!”) to repossess a ship (the Glomar Ascendent) due to eight month’s delinquent payments. The bank provides the ship’s scheduled stops and wishes the players to seize the vessel on a specific low law-level world (to minimize any complications). No resistance from the crew is anticipated but players are advised to be armed ‘just in case’.

Because of sector legal requirements, any contracts for passage or delivery of cargo are considered to be with the ship and not with the owners or operators of the vessel, so the players are required by the bank to complete the vessel’s currently scheduled voyage. The bank is insistent on this detail as Marketside does not want to get involved in any litigation. There are twelve passengers (possibly more at referee’s discretion), two of whom have a cargo contract mandating delivery in twelve days.

Players will be paid standard rates for the crew positions they are filling, plus the bank is paying them each Cr. 20,000 for the repossession. Continue reading