Meet the Jury

Now that all Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Opening Contest has now been posted the Jury has started their discussions about the Entries.

The Jury

The Jury – Image from wikimedia – Public Domain

The members of the Jury are BeRKA, Anders, Dylan, Mike and Eric.

Eric is a Traveller Player since the LBBs, owns all of them (he thinks). 53 yo ex-accountant going to nursing school working at a winery in East Long Island NY.

Mike has been hooked on Traveller since he bought The Traveller Book in 1983. His biggest contribution was his efforts toward 1248 during its short life.

Dylan is a 2 time Afghanistan vet, avionics technician in the RCAF. He has also been involved in developing a few versions of the Foreven Sector. He has been playing Traveller since about 1986 or so, and his favorite edition is MT.

Anders has been a Traveller enthusiast since 1978. He is particularly proud of his contributions to the Darrians’ culture and language (daryene te-zapet). He has also got his own Amber Zones published in the old JTAS. His blog is called The Dream Forge.

BeRKA has been playing Traveller since the early 80’s. He has been playing all different versions of traveller, but he prefers Classic Traveller. His website (The Zhodani Base) was started in 1994.

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