AMBER ZONE: Littul Kittons

Players’ Information:

This port may have been a corporate paradise back in the day, but those days are gone. The whole place has a rundown, dingy feel. A SuSAG company town, the area is dominated by old drug processing factories, many of them closed. The market collapsed for products from this world decades ago, and nothing has taken its place. The streets are filled with unemployed locals earning Credits as street entertainers, or selling unusual plants, animals and illicit goods to starport visitors.

The plants and animals are native to the world, but apparently not common to the starport area. All are very interesting, obviously the products of billions of years of evolution. Among the illicit goods are the usual services, some old model weapons, and a standard assortment of recreational drugs. One vendor, Mr. Linebarger, who goes to great lengths to be sure the players are not law enforcement, has a few very expensive, and very powerful, psi drugs. Only persistent players can even find this vendor, let alone buy from him.

Just as the group is settling in at a bar the star port alarms sound. Frantic and confused evacuation orders are announced; a shuttle is on a suicide course, aimed at the port. The port defenses are able to destroy the ship, but chunks of flaming debris rain down over the town.

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