AMBER ZONE: Wardn Gambits

Date: 073-1104
Location: Wardn/Lunion (SM1727) B756486-B Ni, Pre-Ag S
Population: 76,000 Sophonts

Wardn-j3Formerly known as Silver and previously identified as part of the Metal Worlds it was settled originally by a small group colonists from the Sword Worlds. After the Third Frontier War the system was fully absorbed into the Imperium. Only twenty percent of the population can claim in some part to be descendant from the original colonists. The rest are for the most part members of the scout service who have retired and taken up residence. The economy of the System has yet to develop due to  a lack of industry and labor. Subsistence farming, the provision of foodstuffs or services, as well as contract technical labor to the scout base with the income it brings forms the base of the local economy. The Planet is governed by an appointed Governor-General  who also holds a position with a knighthood in the sector peerage. The Starport/Scout Base is garrisoned by a permanent duty Colonial Lift Infantry Battalion from Lunion equipped to tech level 12. Personnel rotate through on 2 year duty assignments.

Wardn_isodecahedron2Wardn is a warm moist planet worth a thin atmosphere and 64% Hydrographics. It largest continent hosts large rolling planes and low mountains. Transplanted and modified flora and fauna are being studied for long-term impact and suitability for future seeding and development into an agricultural world. The downport/scout base  lies adjacent to the startown of Argent with small outlying farms that are currently successful in the growing of Terran modified cereals and citrus foodstuffs, some small successful ranching of protein sources have made headway. 80% of the Systems population is located within the startown and surrounding farmsteads.

Players’ Information:

Coming out of jumpspace in the Wardn system the Suliman Scout’s systems begin to register electromechanical issues requiring maintenance and minor repairs with the Jump Drive. However the group is in luck, Wardn has a IISS Scout base on the surface. The group reasons that repairs and maintenance should be easily accomplished there. As they land on scout base landing pad 10 they are met by a the Scout base ground crew and a representative of the Base Commander asking that the players accompany him to the base administrative headquarters. Within minutes the group is flown in air/rafts to the Administrative complex built into a small hill. The group notices a large number of Imperial Colonial Army Personnel and vehicles guarding the perimeter of the base.

Located inside the Base Commander’s office is waiting an Imperial Navy Lt. Commander and IISS Commander, who has the overall Command of the base. After pleasant introductions, refreshments are offered and the base commander inquires what needs the group may have with regards to stores and maintenance facilities for the repairs of the ship. The Base Commander has deduced the party is low on funds and proposes a barter of services for parts and the base ground crew to perform the required repairs free of charge in exchange for services and cash payment. If the group agrees. He turns and introduces the Lt. Commander Gihelegashi who appears disheveled and distraught, but quickly masters himself to brief the group on the services he needs.

The Lieutenant Commander begins with appealing to the patriotism of the group and the absolute need for confidentiality. He has a big problem. There is a recent report by the 43rd Fleet Counter Intelligence indicating  that Sword Worlds Directorate of Military Intelligence has a deep cover sleeper agent on the planet. The report also indicates that there is a leak at the classified Joint Navy/Scout Special Task Force located within the scout base. Without tipping off the a possible agent or compromised personnel by bringing in a Counter Intelligence field unit, the Lt. Commander is appealing to the group to act under his authority to investigate the primary suspect, and maintain surveillance until enough evidence can be gathered to arrest the suspect and accomplices. He is willing to remunerate all expenses in carrying out the operation for equipment needs, bribes etc…  He further offers as an incentive for each member of the group. A Cr. 20,000 payment with a letter of commendation and appreciation signed by the 43rd Imperial Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Lord Danezi Vasilevye.

If the group accepts the offer they will be briefed about the primary suspect is William Decher, a local 15 year resident who is married to a Scout Base Communications Branch Officer. William Decher works as an outback safari guide and conservationist. His background is hazy with a dubious record of a discharge from the Colonial Forces Imperial Army with the rank of Staff Sergeant in the infantry with assignments to Commando School as a student and later as an instructor. The brief record also notes the Awards of three combat service ribbons a MCUF and Purple Heart. The Colonial Army is having a hard time finding a more complete service record and is cooperating by trying to track down other members of his unit without luck. His wife is a Sarl Najal Guishivallii-Decher is a Scout Communication Group Administrator in charge of the Communication Section for the base. The sensitive nature of her position with encrypted codes and access to all incoming an outgoing classified information is a real concern to both the Base Commander and Lt. Commander Gihelegashi.

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