AMBER ZONE: The Kh-Djatsc

Players’ information:

The players are on a world at the edge of human occupied space. They asked to meet with Minister Valerie Dupont, a high-ranking official from the sector government and Walter Klimov, the colony manager from Three Stars Colonies

Manager Klimov says that Three Stars Colonies have invested millions of credits in surveying a potential colony world called Harvest. It lies a few parsecs beyond the borders of the local human community.

They discovered the earth-like planet 6 years ago and have had a scientific survey there for the last 3 years. The planet has a breathable atmosphere, seas covering more than 40% of the surface and gravity around 1 G. The planet is temperate, with tropical temperatures at the equator and no ice caps. The ecology has plants and insects on land, but no other animals. There is a well-developed sea life. It is like Earth in the Devonian Period.

Their last supply ship returned reporting serious problems. The survey team report that they have discovered an alien settlement. There is a new and hostile life form that has attacked and killed several scientists and support staff without provocation.

Manager Klimov has millions of credits invested in Harvest. In three months, a fleet of colony ships will bring 2000 technicians to set up the buildings and industrial production units, erect the habitation modules, power plants and water systems and construct houses for the colonists who will start arriving in 6 months. They do not want a dangerous alien predator loose; it would ruin the colonization effort. Klimov wants justice for the families of those killed and the removal of the alien species.

Minister Dupont’s primary motivation is to avoid a war with an unknown power while avoiding the negative publicity that would be generated if she is seen to be doing nothing to support Three Stars and the families of the workers killed. The sector government is under pressure to “do something” by the managers of Three Stars Colonies.

The sector authorities do not have a suitable team available, even if they did, Harvest lies in unclaimed space where they have no legal authority.

The player’s team would ideally have someone with a sciences background, a person with Liaison or Xeno-biology skills, Leadership and a decent amount of intelligence will be good enough.

The players will be given the use of a suitable ship if they do not have one. Dupont will hire a merchant ship and crew for 6 weeks. The players will have 2 weeks on Harvest to resolve the issues. The ship will have an air raft or small ship’s boat.

If the players have their own ship, it will be fueled and provisioned at the sector government’s cost for the journey there and for their departure after they return.



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