AMBER ZONE: Sinking Ship

Players’ Information:

While on a stopover at Rech (Lanth 0502 D9957AA-6), the PCs receive a message on the local emergency frequency from Honus Burk, Administrator for the Starport Authority. He is seeking immediate assistance from all the starships in port, citing Imperial laws requiring assistance to vessels in distress.

An ocean-going vessel, the SS Laurentic, has foundered several hundred kilometers offshore, and no other water craft are in the immediate area to respond. The SPA is calling anyone with a flight-capable craft especially contra-gravity vehicles and small craft to render assistance; rescuing passenger from the ship or from the water, and transporting them back to land. Any crew that signs up and provides six hours of assistance will receive a 50% discount on refueling at the starport, and one week’s berthing fees will be waived.

Sinking Ship

Image from wikimedia – Public Domain

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The top three

The top three in the Amber Zone Opening Contest are:

  1. The Spaces Between by Friz
  2. A Hostile Takeover by Library Bob
  3. Unit 10 from N…  by Eric Bergmueller

We have already presented the winner.

For the second place, Library Bob will get Prize Pack 1: the Shipyard Package from DSL Ironworks.

Some comments from the Jury:

“For a one nighter this would be a fantastic beer and chips adventure to run.” Dylan

“A classic dungeon crawl. A well-done one, too.” Mike

“It remind me of Research Station Gamma with all the robots.” BeRKA

For the third place Eric Bergmueller will get Bastards of Foreven Starter Bundle from DSL Ironworks.

Some comments from the Jury:

“Great mercenary adventure here which takes advantage of one of the greatest strengths of the OTU – anything can be wedged into the milieu and be made to work.” Dylan

“In fact, I would say that the only reason the rebels haven’t already won is because they are obviously idiots.” Mike

The winner is

With the last post I hoped that someone would guess or speculate about who the winner was. The voting at CotI also got the wrong winner.

The Jury voted and the worthy winner is Friz with his entry The Spaces Between. For this Friz will receive Prize Pack 1, The Colonies from our sponsor Gypsy Knights Games.

Some comments from the Jury:

“Friz has written a scary rescue mission in a dangerous asteroid. There is a lot going on. The whole idea is innovative and I like it.” BeRKA

“I have found “Hostile Takeover” and “Spaces Between” the most enjoyable.” Anders

“A good setup and tension and a time limit. Plus, the chance to find an unrelated goodie.” Mike

“Fantastic idea here. In my opinion there aren’t enough of the players-against-the-environment stories.” Dylan

All Contest Entries has now been posted

All Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Opening Contest has now been posted. These are the 11 entries. Which one is your favourite?

  1. A Walk Through the Valley by Library Bob
  2. A Hostile Takeover by Library Bob
  3. The Spaces Between by Friz
  4. Littul Kittons by Drifter
  5. Undeniable by Jonathan Crocker
  6. Courier Down by Traveller John
  7. Papa Tango One-Niner by Eric Bergmueller
  8. Kellan’s Heroes by Eric Bergmueller
  9. Unit 10 from N… by Eric Bergmueller
  10. One Second to Midnight by Alegis Downport
  11. Honeymoon Cruise by Jonathan Crocker

Amber Subsector

AMBER ZONE: Honeymoon Cruise


Any high population, high technology world that has a gas giant in the outer system.

Player Information:

High population, high technology worlds – the economic engine that helps drive the Imperium. The thought of hauling a load of TL15 Critical Widgets to a lower TL agriworld is what gives some merchants hope some days and rightfully so.

Most of the time the really big shipments are plotted months in advance, sent on the megacorporation megafreighters that are the backbone of Imperial commerce, and kept far away from tramp merchants like ours. But there’s always cargo to assemble, to Buy Low Sell High and profit among the stars on the merchant ship Wanton Credit.

Until now, that is. A day late for six separate lots that would have been easy sales, all the brokers have left is the kind of stuff they make jokes about, and all of the coming week’s cargo spoken for too.

The Captain was giving serious consideration to trying to see if he could get our annual maintenance in early when Ishuun came in with the news. The ship’s account must have been worse than we thought when the Captain agreed to it.

The Gas Giant

The Gas Giant – NASA – Public Domain

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