Spica Publishing


Spica Publishing was established in July 2006 to publish high quality supplements for science fiction role-playing games.

Our writers, artists and contributors are located around the world in the UK, the USA, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong and New Zealand, giving Spica Publishing a truly global perspective on our roleplaying game products. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and our exceptional customer service. Spica Publishing produces third-party supplements for the current edition of the Traveller science fiction role-playing game. However, it is envisaged that we will eventually support other sets of role-playing game rules and there is always the possibility of producing books for genres other than science fiction.

Spica Publishing


Spica Publishing will provide the following prizes:

Prize Pack 1: The Career Bundle: Comprised of Career Books 1, 2 and 3.

Prize Pack 2: The Outer Veil Bundle: Comprised of the Outer Veil sourcebook written by Omer Golan Joel and Richard Hazlewood and The Astral Splendour and The Wreck of the Tereshkova adventure for the Outer Veil.

Prize Pack 3: The Worlds & Adventures Bundle: Comprised of System Book 1: Katringa, System Book 2: Xibalba and Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals.

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