Second Place

Second Place (and $60) goes to Timothy Collinson for his Amber Zone, Spindrift.

“A very alien race aquatic called Eroctopi (with a subspecies) and a very interesting adventure where the PCs have to find the truth about what is going on. This is a really good Amber Zone that could work as a starting-point for more adventures.” BeRKA


Third Place

Third Place (and $40) goes to Neil Lucock for his Amber Zone, The Kh-Djatsc.

“This Amber Zone presents a really alien race and an interesting story about a colonization conflict with them. I just wish there were 500 more words that described the Kh-Djatsc and maybe a better image of them.” BeRKA



All Contest Entries have now been posted – 2021

All Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Contest – 2021 have now been posted. There are the 11 entries. Which one is your favourite?

  1. Hold Your Horses by Will Post
  2. Milk Run by Will Post
  3. The Hunt by Craig Oliver
  4. The Kh-Djatsc by Neil Lucock
  5. The Gods of Yesterday by Patrick Kanouse
  6. The Githiaskio Mystery by PoetrySue
  7. Night of Terrors by Marcus Maxiumus
  8. The Breakout by Alegis Downport
  9. Spindrift by Timothy Collinson
  10. Don’t Stick Your Nose In by Ade Stewart and Julian Prietz
  11. 28 Centuries later by Ewan Quibell


AMBER ZONE: 28 Centuries later

Players’ Information:

It is the 11th day of the 285th year since the founding of the Third Imperium. Which translated into the Terran calendar is the 1st November 4802.

The Third Imperium is expanding to Spinward and is encountering the Vargr as they are expanding Rimward. The Imperial research station, in fact an underground bunker on the remote moon of Idmiston Up has gone dark. There have been no communications with them for the last 28 days.

The PCs are tasked with going to the station and finding out what happened.

Idmiston Up is a 5 day in-system trip away, and the PCs have access to a Pinnace to get them there if they need transport.

Imperial scientists were tasked with coming up with a solution to the “Vargr Problem” and the Idmiston Up research station were looking into ways of using Vargr physiology to provide a solution.

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AMBER ZONE: Don’t Stick Your Nose In

An investigative scenario useable in any sci-fi setting.

Players’ Information:

By chance, the characters are witnesses to an accident.

A man wearing smart clothing and sporting a braided beard runs across a busy traffic intersection and is hit by a big delivery truck. People rush to assist (the characters can too, if they want) but sadly there is nothing that can be done, the fellow is dead. Emergency services soon show up and take charge. Everyone agrees that he seemed distracted, and that he was looking over his shoulder when he was struck by the vehicle. He doesn’t have any ID.

A Lost Wallet:

Sometime later, a little distance from the intersection, one of the characters notices a metal-cased wallet lying close to a wall. It is hinged, seems new, and contains a few low denomination credit bills, a key card for a residential property, a folded sheet of paper with some hand-written notes, and an access pass with a photo ID showing a man with a distinctive braided beard. It is the wallet of the accident victim.

The access card carries the name Hugo Lang, and it is marked with the logo of Gen Labs, a big local pharmaceutical company. The folded paper has a printed header consisting of a Gen Labs logo and an address. The handwritten notes consist of a list of scientific-sounding names and long alphanumeric codes – two are crossed out and have the word “toxic” written beside them, while another is ringed and has the word “Cops!” next to it. At the bottom of the piece of paper is a communicator number.

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