Nerot of the Clan


Location: Near the edge of Imperial space, or immediately outside it.

Players’ Information:

The players are approached by an alien of a type they’ve never seen before while at the space port bar. He or she speaks Anglic well enough: “I am Nerot of the Clan. If I may be so bold as to converse with you?” If the players accept Nerot at the table, they will order a round, and will have a proposition for the players. “We are hunters of the savannahs of our forefathers, “ and names a nearby planet that is outside of the Imperium that the players may or may not have heard of. “We would share our culture with others, and in particular share our hunting prowess. We have heard many humans enjoy a good hunt. We would enjoy the chance to share our skills and are willing to pay you to share your knowledge with us.”

If the players are not the hunting type, the offer may be worded in a way to allow them to share in the sport of hunting. In either case, the offer is a free vacation essentially to a neighboring world and back to where they are now, with the chance to go hunting. And the potential for up to Cr 5,000 as part of a “cultural exchange program”.

Should they accept, they will be taken to an alien ship, and make the jump to Nerot’s home world. Similar to the Safari class ships, this ship has a trophy room, and a cabin set aside for various weapons and training aids. The players get to know Nerot and the pilot, as well as familiarize themselves with the guns. These are close enough to human-centric guns that there will be no negative DMs other than the characters’ normal modifiers. There are several guns and a few energy weapons. Both the pilot Ginta and Nerot are pleasant hosts and seem to know a great deal about the guns. They will spend considerable time training the characters in the use of the guns.

Upon landing on a broad savannah, Nerot hands out weapons, and says, “We’ll give you 3 hours before our hunt for you starts” and closes the air lock.

Nerot of the Clan

Nerot of the Clan – Image from Pixabay

Referee’s Information:

If the players did any research on the alien’s home world. They would have seen that it is flagged as an Amber Zone world: the native sophonts view aliens as lesser beings. While barely TL-10 or so, their main focus is on hunting and sophonts prove to be a much more exciting game. The planet should have a normal gravity and atmosphere. The players are given the weapons they trained on the ship with but have only 5 shots per weapon. They will be given 2 hours before the chase begins. If they can survive 1 day (and the day can vary based on the world) they will be rewarded with the guns they have, a return trip to where they came from, and up to Cr 5,000 each.

Survival, hunting, recon, and other related skills may help. Playing this could be similar to a hex crawl: there are also native animals that may attack as well as the aliens who dropped off the characters.

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