All Contest Entries have now been posted – 2021

All Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Contest – 2021 have now been posted. There are the 11 entries. Which one is your favourite?

  1. Hold Your Horses by Will Post
  2. Milk Run by Will Post
  3. The Hunt by Craig Oliver
  4. The Kh-Djatsc by Neil Lucock
  5. The Gods of Yesterday by Patrick Kanouse
  6. The Githiaskio Mystery by PoetrySue
  7. Night of Terrors by Marcus Maxiumus
  8. The Breakout by Alegis Downport
  9. Spindrift by Timothy Collinson
  10. Don’t Stick Your Nose In by Ade Stewart and Julian Prietz
  11. 28 Centuries later by Ewan Quibell

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