AMBER ZONE: Passage for Carlo

Players’ Information:

The players are contacted by Alberta Picerno, who wants to meet them to discuss an urgent passenger transportation mission. They meet Alberta in her office, which is lavishly appointed and in a prominent location in the heart of the city.

Alberta explains that her grandson (Carlo Picerno) needs a passage out from a nearby planet. Civil order is breaking down as several years of a poor economy has drained the authoritarian (Impersonal Bureaucracy) government’s resources and led to mass unemployment. Several new factions are vying to seize power, and supporters of the factions are now starting to target each other with bombings, kidnappings and beatings.

Carlo can’t get to the starport safely, but his house is in the countryside and a small craft could land nearby. Whilst starships must land at recognized ports, small craft are free to land anywhere where the landowner gives permission.

Alberta will cover all reasonable preparatory expenses for the rescue in advance, plus a fee of Cr200,000 when Carlo is delivered to Alberta personally. She explains that time is of the essence, you must make any preparations and depart within 24 hours.

Consulting the library, the players find that in practice the local law level is low (Level 1), although the government insists that the local laws are still in effect (Level 6).


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AMBER ZONE: Medivac!

An adventure for 1-6 players on any TL3-14 world with population 6+ that is either balkanized (Government Code 7) or has a unified government but is embroiled in civil war, insurgency, rebellion or invasion by a neighbouring world.  Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition rules have been used here.

Players’ Information

One PC has injured their little finger in a freak accident – perhaps cargo loading, R&R, sport, or combat etc.  What appears to be a sprain has within 24 hours swollen nastily and become heavily bruised.  Fortunately, it is the little finger, on the non-dominant hand.

Medical staff recommend treatment within a week to ten days.   How easy this is to arrange depends on the world’s medical care model and the rate of more serious trauma cases arriving as a result of any ongoing conflict.

Law Level determines if and how the PCs are armed outside starport environs.

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AMBER ZONE: Research Double-Cross

Players’ Information:

A backwater world with a breathable atmosphere and a population of several million is dealing with a decades-long civil war.  Due to the remoteness of the settlements, much of the conflict has been marked by sharp raids with few set battles.  One cobbled together militia group has managed to capture a corporate research facility on a remote island.  They have contacted the corporate leadership in the hopes of obtaining a decent ransom.

The corporation has decided to meet the demands of the militia and they are sending hard currency, medicines and food in exchange for the researchers and their data.  A 200-ton free trader, the SS Damocles, was dispatched and quietly intercepted by the opposing side just as it exited hyperspace.  The PCs are being hired to pilot the free trader to the research station, using the codes and protocols provided to them by the captured original crew.  The military of the backwater world all have a distinct look and accent, so off-worlders are essential.

With the cargo removed from the trader the PCs are masquerading as the corporate crew now in isolation.  They will be joined on their journey by a reinforced platoon of (28) troops.  (There will be a O1 in command, an E9 and an E5 in the command section; additionally, 5 squads of 5 troopers comprising of an E4 and four E1’s make up the rest of the raiding party).  These should be equipped as regular soldiers according to the Tech Level of that warring planet.

The PCs will pilot to the regular docking pad of the facility and simply stay out of the way.  The O1 in command has orders to minimize damage to the facility and after the threat has been neutralized gather the researchers and their data for extraction back to the main military base where the mission started.

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AMBER ZONE: Oceans Dirtside

Players’ Information:

Whilst relaxing at Genni starport bar, the players are approached by Hank Steiger who introduces himself as a Sergeant of the Shakorev Army and asks them if they have any previous military experience. He asks if they would be interested in helping him get a message to someone which could save countless lives; Steiger explains that he was a communications officer in the Shakorev military on the planet Thebis. Unfortunately, he got involved with a bad crowd and was discharged and disgraced from the military, due to various illegal operations using military equipment for personal gain. Though he moved to Genni he still keeps a close watch on communications from the Thebis system and has noticed something rather alarming. In the past few days it appears that the Vaalnarn military (a rival nation to Shakorev) intends to launch a catastrophic invasion in about a week which could cost the lives of thousands of people. Putting aside the reasons for his untimely discharge (which Steiger admits was his own fault) he sees it as his duty to warn the Shakorev army. However, because of his past acts he doesn’t think he has much chance in convincing them of what is about to happen. His only chance is to speak to an old comrade (named Valiy Banina) who is still in the army. Using Banina’s good reputation, he may be able to warn Shakorev. If the players could get Steiger onto the base, he could speak to Banina and hopefully convince of him of what he has found. Steiger can put up a few thousand credits to help with costs of getting to Thebis, but he’s really relying on the players better nature and the huge humanitarian act they are about to perform.

Oceans Dirtside

Oceans Dirtside – copyright Alegis Downport 2018.

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AMBER ZONE: Dr Aardmore I Presume

War is Hell, but murder is still murder 

Location: Ralhe (Spinward Marches/Five Sisters 0731) E-424574-8 Ni

Ralhe is a small world with little to recommend it except some surface mineral deposits. The very thin, tainted atmosphere requires respirator/filter masks, and most of the ground is covered in permafrost. It is not on a trade route or X-boat route, but it gets enough visitors to maintain the economy of its three competing states: Rahlhiem, Torrijo, and Klinghoff.

The three nations share a common culture, but not philosophies of government. Rahlheim is a bureaucratic socialist state, Torrijo is a republic, and Klinghoff is a monarchy. Within the last decade the three nations have conducted a slow-burning brush war consisting of raids and incursions with few pitched battles. Small unit actions have been common, with the occasional airstrike, barrage or armored vehicle clash.

Lady Estella Aardmore is the wife of a humanitarian doctor. They are lesser nobility of nearby Iderati (SM/Five Sisters 0732) The focus of the mission is her husband, Doctor Sir Hiram Aardmore, MD, Physician, musician, millionaire, philanthropist.

Dr. Aardmore is on Ralhe, in the war zone between Torrijo and Rahlheim, directing a free clinic for civilians who have been injured and/or displaced by the ongoing war. Back home on Iderati, however, he has made political enemies who would be glad to see him suffer an accident. The referee can make up details of the political dispute, but they are not critical to the mission. Lady Estella has learned that there is a hit squad after her husband. The PCs must race the clock to reach Dr. Aardmore before the hit squad does, then protect him from the attack.

Lady Estella offers Cr 75,000 to the party, payable once her husband is present with her on Iderati, still alive. She also provides middle passages (round trip) for the PCs and a High Passage for her husband. Local transport will be for the PCs to arrange. Shipping a vehicle to Rahle will be at their expense.

Rahle Landscape

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