AMBER ZONE: Courier Down

Player’s Information:


Any A,B,or C star port with another inhabited system one jump away.

The Job:

One of the party members is contacted by former marine intelligence type, now working security for Charlings United Ventures, a local sector wide mega corporation.

A courier carrying sensitive material in a pouch, has been hospitalized, in a private hospital. The courier is in a coma, due to a vehicle accident. This has occurred on a planet one jump away from the party’s current location.

The courier’s employer, Charlings United Ventures, has an ongoing dispute with the planetary government of the world the courier is on. Within the last month, the planet has put down a rebellion that the planetary government feels may have ties to Charlings United Ventures. Therefore Charlings can’t send a representative itself.

The government in question doesn’t know that the courier works for the corp. Charlings United Ventures would prefer that they never find out. Your contact wants you to collect and transport the courier off planet, back to the party’s current location.

Local Planetary Problems:

The attempted rebellion that occurred one month ago was started by a group that wanted greater off world investment and immigration. As the rebellion was not widely supported by the general populace and only had backing from businesses and families that were involved in off world trade, it failed.

The extreme violence that the rebels used has caused a popular backlash by the planetary government. In the month following the rebellion anyone with suspected connections has been brought in for questioning. Many are still being held incommunicado. The cities have checkpoints set up by all government and civic buildings, including hospitals.

The players will find that, while off world trade is not forbidden, off-worlders at this juncture are viewed with suspicion, if not outright hostility. The hostility is starting to cool down, but the outbreak of a riot is not beyond question.

Due to the recent political instability on the planet, it has been marked as an Amber Zone.

The Pouch:

The courier doesn’t have the key. The pouch’s lock is biometric. Also, if the courier dies, a dead-man device will destroy the contents and render them unrecoverable. If they accept the job, the players must agree to get the courier back alive, along with the intact pouch, with the planetary government none the wiser.

The Payoff:

Charlings United Ventures will pay the players a Cr 100,000 per player involved in the attempt to recover the courier and his pouch. Cr 25,000 will be paid upfront to cover expenses. If the courier dies this will be their only compensation. They must return the courier and his pouch regardless.

If the players recover the courier alive, with the pouch intact and without alerting the government of the planet the courier, Charlings United Ventures will pay the party Cr 5,000,000 upon completion of the job.

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Somewhere in un unknown system

AMBER ZONE: Undeniable

Location: Any starport in the territory of the former First Imperium.

Patron: Lev Anderson, of Anderson Shipping, a small family-run shipping firm.

Player’s Information:

Lev needs a crew for a few weeks, ship and salvage. A merchant ship that belonged to Lev’s grandfather, Honest Answer, was declared lost decades ago. Over the years, Anderson Shipping has kept its eyes open.

Now it’s paid off – there is a lead, and Lev is convinced it’s Answer. The problem, Lev says, is the rest of the family no longer cares, and Lev must go it alone. A merchant ship, Reluctant Dancer, is fitted out and ready to lift. Lev offers cash to pay each for a week up front, balance paid upon safe return with potential for performance bonuses.

Somewhere in un unknown system

Somewhere in un unknown system – Image from wikimedia.
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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AMBER ZONE: Littul Kittons

Players’ Information:

This port may have been a corporate paradise back in the day, but those days are gone. The whole place has a rundown, dingy feel. A SuSAG company town, the area is dominated by old drug processing factories, many of them closed. The market collapsed for products from this world decades ago, and nothing has taken its place. The streets are filled with unemployed locals earning Credits as street entertainers, or selling unusual plants, animals and illicit goods to starport visitors.

The plants and animals are native to the world, but apparently not common to the starport area. All are very interesting, obviously the products of billions of years of evolution. Among the illicit goods are the usual services, some old model weapons, and a standard assortment of recreational drugs. One vendor, Mr. Linebarger, who goes to great lengths to be sure the players are not law enforcement, has a few very expensive, and very powerful, psi drugs. Only persistent players can even find this vendor, let alone buy from him.

Just as the group is settling in at a bar the star port alarms sound. Frantic and confused evacuation orders are announced; a shuttle is on a suicide course, aimed at the port. The port defenses are able to destroy the ship, but chunks of flaming debris rain down over the town.

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AMBER ZONE: The Spaces Between (Winner 2014)

EDIT: This Amber Zone is the Winner of the 2014 Amber Zone Contest


The characters should have some experience with using a Vacc Suit, preferably having one for each member of the party. Having a Belter and a Scientist in the party may also be of help, but the referee can easily add such characters, if needed.

Players’ Information:

The characters are on Altheon, a small, nearly airless low-gravity world that is home to several competing mining firms. One of the larger firms, Orbion, has brought the characters to a meeting room in its office facilities on short notice. The characters have been asked to bring their Vacc Suits, as time is a factor.

A tall, thin man dressed in what passes for business attire on Altheon greets the characters (introducing any NPCs necessary to the group). He introduces himself as Goren Valks, Chief of Operations Safety for Orbion. “We’re pressed for time, so forgive me for skipping the usual pleasantries,” he says without ceremony, gesturing for the group to take a seat at the holographic display table that dominates the room.

“As you may know, Altheon is an aggregate world, consisting of approximately one hundred accreted asteroids held together by gravity, for the most part.” The holoprojector in the table displays a three-dimensional map of the structure of Altheon as Valks continues. “Initial geological surveys indicated the presence of many industrial minerals and metals. However, as you may also know, forays into the planetoid found substantially more valuable ores, including lanthanum and incredibly pure mineral and metal crystals that are highly valuable to the scientific community.”

The display zooms into a portion of the planetoid, showing more detail of its internal structure in one particular volume. “Orbion employs a number of independent subcontractors to help us exploit the resources of Altheon,” says Valks. “This is necessary, since the skills to survey and extract the resources efficiently and safely are very specialized – typically only available from experienced asteroid miners. The miners are paid a handsome percentage of the finds of their surveys and the workers extracting those finds make some of the best money to be had on the planet.”

Valks pauses to look at the characters in turn. “The reason for this is that the work is incredibly dangerous. The internal structure of Altheon is constantly shifting as the asteroids continue the long process of accreting into a single mass. As this graphic indicates, there are numerous voids within the planetoid. Negotiating the interior is challenging, since gravity can vary considerably from one location to the next, and the entire operation is conducted in pitch darkness with few, if any reference points. The failure of sensing equipment combined with a sudden shift of the structure of the planetoid can leave a crew disoriented and trapped dozens of kilometers deep within the planetoid. Those working in tight spaces can easily be crushed by shifting masses and there is virtually no atmosphere inside the planetoid as well, adding to the dangers.”

The display changes to personnel files with body images of each person. “Three hours ago,” says Valks, “we received a distress call from Survey Team Bravo Four. They were doing mapping and survey work in a new claim volume, nearly 28 kilometers below the surface. They didn’t reveal the nature of the emergency before we lost communications.

“I need you to take one of the corporation’s G-Carriers to their location and attempt rescue of the team members, along with the recovery of their gear and whatever survey information they have acquired. The job pays one hundred thousand credits, and I don’t have time to engage in negotiations on that. I have the electronic contract awaiting your thumbprints right here. If you accept, you must begin right away. The four-person team went in with just 48 hours of oxygen. That was twenty hours ago and it will take you nearly six hours to reach their last known location.”


Altheon – Image by NASA – Public Domain

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The Mansion

AMBER ZONE: A Hostile Takeover

Player’s Information:

The PC’s are contacted by a business factor on Kubotoa (A-764854-D), looking for a small team to infiltrate a mansion. The Board of Directors of the Singletary Corporation, LLC, have a problem. The CEO of the corporation has been out of touch for weeks, and hasn’t been seen in person in months. He was always reclusive, but this is the longest he’s ever been gone. The corporation is facing a financial crisis occasioned by the CEO’s absence & non-leadership. The Board has voted the CEO out, but the local law requires that he be present at the company offices to handle the transfer of power.

The CEO’s last known whereabouts is his mansion at the edge of the city, which sits in a secured, walled compound. The PCs are hired to deliver the CEO to the company offices. They are authorized, as contract employees, to employ all necessary force to secure the CEO unharmed and bring him to the offices. The mansion is technically corporation property so they are not trespassing. The Board requests that the building itself be damaged as little as possible, but expect some damage as the CEO had installed numerous security measures without advising the Board; he was known to be very concerned about his personal security. Payment will be Cr 10,000 per man, plus any hospital expenses. Excessive damage to the mansion will be deducted from the pay.

The Mansion

The Mansion – Image from wikimedia – Public Domain

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