All Contest Entries has now been posted – 2015

All Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Contest – 2015 has now been posted. These are the 19 entries. Which one is your favourite?

  1. Sinking Ship by Library Bob
  2. Out of the Frying Pan by Marcus Maxiumus
  3. Welcome to the Grand Illusion! by Eric Bergmueller
  4. A Call to Arms! by Jason Weiser
  5. Lanthanum Hunt by Jim Vassilakos
  6. Rogue Planet by Marcus Maxiumus
  7. Judge Me Worthy by Friz
  8. Prisoner Exchange by Marcus Maxiumus
  9. Aid and Comfort by Library Bob
  10. Wardn Gambits by Meteoric Assault
  11. Theatre of Operations by Michael Brown
  12. Ice Cold on Alexandria by Alegis Downport
  13. Ashfall by Marcus Maxiumus
  14. Peril of the Lord Brisbane by Marcus Maxiumus
  15. Cold Snap Happy by Ade Stewart
  16. Send in the Clones by Marcus Maxiumus
  17. Saving Fluffy by Marcus Maxiumus
  18. The Outer Limits by Library Bob
  19. Big Dam Heroes by Ade Stewart


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