The Winner Is (2021)

We have a winner! The winner of the Amber Zone Contest 2021 (and of $102 at DriveThruRPG) is PoetrySue with the Amber Zone The Githiaskio Mystery.

A great adventure that lets the PCs travel to a number of planets to look for relatives to the Githiaskio. This is a great idea for an adventure and the Githiaskio are a very cool race. Also, the PC’s contact is an uplifted Dolphin (another cool race) that is also an NPC with an interesting background. This could be a one shot adventure, but it could easily be a start of a campaign.

When I will referee this Amber Zone, then I will probably not place it in the Trojan Reach Sector. I would place the adventure closer to the Githiaskio home world in the Antares Sector. Extra complications could involve travelling to Vargr and/or Julian planets.

I would also include an old Droyne Coyn Set that has a Githiaskio symbol, but is missing the Aslan one. A fun thing that you could then do near the end of the adventure is to let the PCs find a brand new coyn set where the human symbol has been replaced with something else (e.g. a Chip or Hhkar).


The winner is (2019)

We have a winner! The winner of the Amber Zone Contest 2019 (and of $101 at DriveThru) is  Mark Suszko with A Shot (and a beer) In the Dark.

Two comments:

“Very evocative setting in The Belt; I immediately thought of The Expanse. I love the character Gramps and his muddled memory. Strong character development and setting that will directly impact game play” Jono

“The referee can do a lot with this Amber Zone. It can be a great one-shot adventure or the beginning of a campaign. The style of this Amber Zone matches the best classic ones.” BeRKA

Asteroid Mining

The winner is (2015)

The Jury voted and the worthy winner is Friz (again) with his entry Judge Me Worthy. Friz has selected the Type A2L Prize, Ship Book: A2L Far Trader from our sponsor Moon Toad Publishing.

Some comments from the Jury:

“What a fantastic caper; this starts out as a comedic romp and ends up in a brilliant plot twist leading to some dire circumstances for the players. This Amber Zone could be a spring-board to an entire campaign. Bonus points for adhering to the contest rules! I do judge this worthy!” Dylan

“I think this is an interesting situation with some opportunities for heroics. I like that this start up as a non-threatening almost comic situation
that then turns quite serious.” BeRKA

“The scary ticket combined with the ending twist makes this a roller coaster of a adventure.” Eric

“I like it. Simple, direct, and to the point. No extraneous fluff. Just a direct setup and straight forward follow through.” Mike


Image from Pixabay – Public Domain

The winner is

With the last post I hoped that someone would guess or speculate about who the winner was. The voting at CotI also got the wrong winner.

The Jury voted and the worthy winner is Friz with his entry The Spaces Between. For this Friz will receive Prize Pack 1, The Colonies from our sponsor Gypsy Knights Games.

Some comments from the Jury:

“Friz has written a scary rescue mission in a dangerous asteroid. There is a lot going on. The whole idea is innovative and I like it.” BeRKA

“I have found “Hostile Takeover” and “Spaces Between” the most enjoyable.” Anders

“A good setup and tension and a time limit. Plus, the chance to find an unrelated goodie.” Mike

“Fantastic idea here. In my opinion there aren’t enough of the players-against-the-environment stories.” Dylan