Top-5 Amber Zone Worlds

Here is my top-list of the most interesting Amber Zone Worlds (that are classified as Amber Zones) in the Spinward Marches. I have been looking at what have been published and other adventure opportunities. Do you agree?

  1. Esalin
  2. Aramanx
  3. Tarkine
  4. Towers
  5. Ruie

Esalin J-3

One thought on “Top-5 Amber Zone Worlds

  1. Dylan Lee says:

    This area is ripe for your Cold War allegory SF gaming fix. Pick up a good classic Ian Flemming book, or some early Tom Clancy, dial up the TL and the techno gee gaws – Instant Traveller goodness… and goes a long way to fleshing out those Amber Zones. You say Esalin,I say Potsdam!

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