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Everyone is a winner

Everyone is a winner. If you didn’t enter the Amber Zone Opening contest, you still got 11 new Amber Zones to enjoy. Those who did enter will also win prizes from the sponsors.

All contestants will also get a goody bag with a $10 gift certificate at DriveThruRPG and a PDF copy of Technical Manual 1: Reprieve-class Escape Pod from DSLIronworks.

The winner and the Top Three has already been presented. Below is a list of what the other entries will win.

For the entry One Second to Midnight, Alegis Downport will get the Grand Prize from Greylock Publishing Lines.

“An Amber Zone adventure on an amber zone world. A classic rescue that forces the players onto the streets. It even comes with a floor plan for the final battle.” Mike

For the entry Kellan’s Heroes, Eric Bergmueller will get  Prize Pack 2 from Spica Publishing.

“Classic story translated for the OTU. Great idea.” Dylan

For the entry Papa Tango One-Niner, Eric Bergmueller will get the  Wracky Prize from Greylock Publishing Lines.

Based on PT 109. But this story is a bit better. “BeRKA”

For the entry Courier Down, Traveller John will get Prize Pack 1 from Spica Publishing.

A bit like Johnny Mnemonic but from the other side and complicated with Zhodani attacks. “BeRKA”

For the entry A Walk Through the Valley, Library Bob will get Prize Pack 3 from Gypsy Knights Games.

The detail was good and I liked the fleshed out forces. The idea is to give the referee a lot of tools – mission accomplished. “Dylan”

For the entry Undeniable, Jonathan Crocker will get Prize Pack 2 from Gypsy Knights Games.

“This is a nice setup.” Mike

For the entry Littul Kittons, Drifter will get the Circus Prize from Greylock Publishing Lines.

“I liked it and it reminded me of the Legend of the Sky Raiders by Andrew Keith” Dylan

For the entry Honeymoon Cruise, Jonathan Crocker will get Prize Pack 3 from Spica Publishing.

“Some of the games that my players have told me were the most fun over the years were the ones that had no gun-play.” Dylan

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