All Contest Entries have now been posted – 2019

All Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Contest – 2019 have now been posted. There are the 11 entries. Which one is your favourite?

  1. Foster Welbrook by Friz
  2. Suitcase of Trouble by Steve Stein
  3. A Shot (and a beer) In the Dark by Mark Suszko
  4. Burn the Philadelphia! by Library Bob
  5. The Spoils of War by Alex Treacher
  6. Dr Aardmore I Presume by Library Bob
  7. Oceans Dirtside by Alegis Downport
  8. Research Double-Cross by Marcus Maxiumus
  9. Medivac! by Timothy Collinson
  10. Passage for Carlo by James
  11. Rue nee Curios by Timothy Collinson (and AI)

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