Everyone is a winner (2019)

Everyone is a winner. If you didn’t enter the Amber Zone Opening contest, you still got 11 new Amber Zones to enjoy.

All contestants not in the top three will get a $10 gift certificate at DriveThruRPG.

The winner and the top three has already been presented. Below is a list of the other entries.

WelbrookFriz sent us the entry Foster Welbrook .

“An engaging main antagonist in a distinct setting with a couple of options for the PCs to approach the problem” Jono

“Friz creates another great Amber Zone. But the competition was even harder this year” BeRKA

Suitcase of troubleSteve Stein wrote the entry Suitcase of Trouble.

“Flexible scenario that can be started on any world; it reminds of the film “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” – a mad pursuit of some object that attracts more and more attention to the PCs. Gives the Referee plenty of options to through obstacles at the players.” Jono

“A adventure with great ideas. The referee will have to balance the information the players get, so they know enough about what is going on. Steve’s wife Ivy made a great cover image for this Amber Zone” BeRKA

Spaceship Big PhilLibrary Bob sent, Burn the Philadelphia! and Dr Aardmore I Presume.

“Dr Aardmore I presume – the potential for an investigation as well as travel/combat in competition with rivals is a solid adventure.” Jono

“Burn the Philadelphia! is a very complicated situation that forces the PCs to find a complicated solution.” BeRKA

Asteroid MiningAlex Treacher wrote The Spoils of War.

“An interesting set-up that sounds routine until the complication is sprung on the PCs. By “reverse escape” I mean NPCs using the PCs to escape instead of the PCs escaping. There are also non-combat options available to the PCs.” Jono

“Space combat, Lots of NPCs, Looting and lots of fun” BeRKA

Timothy Collinson sent us Medivac! and Rue nee Curios.

“Rue Nee Curios – very evocative setting with well-developed characters – the Baron (stroke chin) and the Baron (stroke cheek). An interesting take on being able to ‘save the bad guys’ as part of the rescue should you want. Also an intriguing background story The Grey Messengers that will assist play directly as well as help the setting. Great setting with a device (The Grey Messengers) that both communicates background information while becoming a point in the plot (potentially)” Jono

“Medivac! – a routine hospital visit becomes an adventure. The players will learn that they are never safe from ideas like this.” BeRKA

“Some of the ideas for Rue Nee Curios were thought up by an AI. Timothy refined those ideas.” BeRKA

CarloJames wrote the Amber Zone Passage for Carlo.

“I like how this rescue doesn’t have to be guns-blazing but can be about investigating his disappearance.” Jono

“A classic rescue mission that can go wrong in so many ways.” BeRKA

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