The Pink Planet

The adventure begins on Planet Claire, a strange and exotic world where the air is pink and the trees are red. The players are approached by a mysterious woman named Emily, who offers them a lucrative job. She wants the players to travel to the nearby planet of Idaho and destroy a group of rogue war robots known as Rock Lobsters.

According to Emily, the Rock Lobsters were once used by the military for various purposes, but they have recently revolted and now attack all humans on sight. She believes that the players, with their expertise and combat skills, are the only ones who can stop them and restore order to Idaho.


As the players prepare for their mission, they must also try to uncover the mystery behind the Rock Lobsters’ revolt. Why did they turn against their human creators? Who is behind their sudden aggression? The answers to these questions may hold the key to stopping the Rock Lobsters once and for all.

After arriving on Idaho, the players begin their search for the Rock Lobsters. They quickly discover that the planet is crawling with the massive, lobster-like machines, and they must use all of their combat skills and cunning to avoid being detected and destroyed.

Rock Lobster

As they explore the planet, the players come across several other characters who can provide them with valuable information and assistance. These include:

Jack, a grizzled veteran who has been fighting the Rock Lobsters for years. He is gruff and distrusting at first, but ultimately proves to be a valuable ally.

Linda, a scientist who was part of the team that created the Rock Lobsters. She is plagued by guilt over her role in the robots’ revolt, and helps the players understand their motivations and weaknesses.

Frank, a local farmer who has lost everything to the Rock Lobsters. He is bitter and vengeful, and will stop at nothing to see the machines destroyed.

As the players continue their search, they uncover a sinister plot by a group of rogue military officers who wanted to use the Rock Lobsters as a weapon to gain power and control. With this knowledge, the players must now take on the officers and their army of Rock Lobsters in a final, epic battle to save Idaho and restore peace to the planet.

Epic Battle

Will the players succeed in their mission, or will they fall victim to the Rock Lobsters’ deadly claws and lasers? Only time will tell in this thrilling adventure on the Pink Planet.

This adventure was written by the AI ‘ChatGPT’. No editing was done.
The images were generated by the AI ‘Midjourney’. No post editing was done.
This adventure is 100% AI made.

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