AMBER ZONE: Papa Tango One-Niner

Player’s Information:

The end of the Subsidized Merchant County Wexford proved tragic for its crew and passengers. Not only did the ship misjump by nearly 13 parsecs, but there was also a horrible accident upon entry into the destination system. The ship exited jump space within .75 planetary radii of the major planet of the system, and the Type R starship collided with a local small craft almost instantaneously. The local craft was destroyed, with all hands aboard being lost. The County Wexford nearly broke in two. Injured crew and passengers scrambled for rescue balls and the County Wexford’s Ship’s Boat, while the pilot gave her life in exchange for buying time for the others as she struggled to control the crippled starship.

In view of the tense local situation, the unfortunate and unavoidable accident was perceived as an attack, or even an act of terrorism by the locals on the dying colony. Several rescue balls touched down safely, albeit with injured crew. The Ship’s Boat landed intact some distance away, but the only crewman aboard died of his injuries shortly after landing, leaving only 6 severely injured passengers aboard. The crew attempted to regroup using their survival radio equipment, but it quickly became clear they were wanted by the locals for perpetrating a “heinous act of terrorism”. There are virtually no government or laws on the planet, which should be cause for concern among the crew.

The crew agreed to meet at a specified location, switch off their own beacons to avoid detection, and proceed onward as a group toward the beacon of the Ship’s Boat, which repeatedly transmitted “GK GK GK from Papa Tango One-Niner” on the voice and data emergency frequencies for a few minutes until going silent. The rest of the crew has a fairly certain fix on the Ship’s Boat at that time. To further complicate matters, several crew members are injured, and a small sea separates the players from their destination.

From there they might be able to make their way to the Scout Base in the Ship’s Boat, (provided it is still functioning…) where they might plead their case to the Imperials. It can be assumed that the inhabitants are also monitoring the distress frequencies. Hopefully the players can reach the small craft before the locals do.


Referee’s Information:

The player characters begin the adventure injured from the accident in orbit. Roll a die for each player. On a 1-3, the character takes 1D-1 damage to one attribute at random. On a 4-5, the character takes 1D-1 to two random attributes. On a 6, the character takes 1D-1 to all three attributes. In some cases, this could kill a character or render them unconscious. The Referee should modify this so that a player can participate in the adventure, rather than be killed or carried by others for the duration.

It would be a 360 km ocean trek from the group meeting spot to the Ship’s Boat. This could take perhaps 4 days using a sailboat under ideal conditions on the planet. The population of the planet is very low, and are thinly spread due to the continuing anarchy on-planet. Perhaps a few small craft, helicopters, planes, and/or hydrofoils will respond, at the discretion of the Referee.

When it became clear to the sole crewman aboard the Ship’s Boat that the other crew members were heading in the correct direction, he chose to switch off the beacon to avoid detection by the hostile populace. He died shortly thereafter. This might have saved the crew’s lives, or doomed them to capture.

Key player skills might include small boat sailing, survival, and medical. Rescue balls contain some minimal survival equipment, but this could be lost or damaged during landing. The local population might even help, depending on how the players handle interaction with them. Money or skillful words might alter the situation in their favor. If the players should think to bring the transponders or “black box” from the County Wexford, this could help in dealing with the locals, if they are caught, as well as help build their case with the Imperials should they reach the Scout Base.

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