The winner is (2015)

The Jury voted and the worthy winner is Friz (again) with his entry Judge Me Worthy. Friz has selected the Type A2L Prize, Ship Book: A2L Far Trader from our sponsor Moon Toad Publishing.

Some comments from the Jury:

“What a fantastic caper; this starts out as a comedic romp and ends up in a brilliant plot twist leading to some dire circumstances for the players. This Amber Zone could be a spring-board to an entire campaign. Bonus points for adhering to the contest rules! I do judge this worthy!” Dylan

“I think this is an interesting situation with some opportunities for heroics. I like that this start up as a non-threatening almost comic situation
that then turns quite serious.” BeRKA

“The scary ticket combined with the ending twist makes this a roller coaster of a adventure.” Eric

“I like it. Simple, direct, and to the point. No extraneous fluff. Just a direct setup and straight forward follow through.” Mike


Image from Pixabay – Public Domain

Meet the Jury – 2015

Now that all Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Contest – 2015 has now been posted the Jury has started their discussions about the Entries.

The Jury

The Jury – Image from wikimedia – Public Domain

The members of the 2015 Jury are BeRKA, Dylan, Mike and Eric.

Eric is a Traveller Player since the LBBs, owns all of them (he thinks). 53 yo ex-accountant going to nursing school working at a winery in East Long Island NY.

Mike has been hooked on Traveller since he bought The Traveller Book in 1983. His biggest contribution was his efforts toward 1248 during its short life.

Dylan is a 2 time Afghanistan vet, avionics technician in the RCAF. He has also been involved in developing a few versions of the Foreven Sector. He has been playing Traveller since about 1986 or so, and his favorite edition is MT.

BeRKA has been playing Traveller since the early 80’s. He has been playing all different versions of traveller, but he prefers Classic Traveller. His website (The Zhodani Base) was started in 1994.

All Contest Entries has now been posted – 2015

All Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Contest – 2015 has now been posted. These are the 19 entries. Which one is your favourite?

  1. Sinking Ship by Library Bob
  2. Out of the Frying Pan by Marcus Maxiumus
  3. Welcome to the Grand Illusion! by Eric Bergmueller
  4. A Call to Arms! by Jason Weiser
  5. Lanthanum Hunt by Jim Vassilakos
  6. Rogue Planet by Marcus Maxiumus
  7. Judge Me Worthy by Friz
  8. Prisoner Exchange by Marcus Maxiumus
  9. Aid and Comfort by Library Bob
  10. Wardn Gambits by Meteoric Assault
  11. Theatre of Operations by Michael Brown
  12. Ice Cold on Alexandria by Alegis Downport
  13. Ashfall by Marcus Maxiumus
  14. Peril of the Lord Brisbane by Marcus Maxiumus
  15. Cold Snap Happy by Ade Stewart
  16. Send in the Clones by Marcus Maxiumus
  17. Saving Fluffy by Marcus Maxiumus
  18. The Outer Limits by Library Bob
  19. Big Dam Heroes by Ade Stewart


AMBER ZONE: Big Dam Heroes


This scenario is designed to slot into any existing campaign. It should be set on a world with a breathable atmosphere, a liquid hydrosphere, and a relatively low population (perhaps only a few thousand inhabitants). The starport should be basic (ideally a class D or E port). At the time of the scenario there are very few ships within the system.

Most of the worlds’ population lives in a settlement that forms part of the surface port facilities. The starport is located within a broad valley in the foothills of an ancient mountain range.

Players’ Information:

While the PCs are in town (perhaps while negotiating with a cargo broker or enjoying the local cuisine) a powerful seismic tremor strikes the region.


For a few moments everything becomes unnaturally still and silent, then a deep rumbling and shuddering begins. The din builds to a crescendo and continues for long terrifying seconds. The ground sways and shakes, cracks appear in walls, masonry falls from above, and all around is a bewildering din of heavy crashes and crunches and stifled cries. A cloud of blinding, choking dust engulfs everything.

Diving under hard cover (such as a table) or getting into the open will help reduce the chances of injury, as will personal armour. Tests against strength or dexterity or even brawling skill (to represent dodging) might be required to achieve such a feat. Even plain luck might be needed. The violent shaking and falling debris prevent anything else being done.

And then the quake fades away.

The dust settles to reveal a disaster zone. Ruined buildings jut skyward, smoke hangs in the air, collapsed walls block streets, and rubble and debris covers destroyed vehicles. The injured and dead lie where they fell. Ragged and dust-caked individuals shamble around while others crouch and stare and cry.

Big Dam

The Dam – © Ade Stewart

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