Everyone is a winner (2015)

Everyone is a winner. If you didn’t enter the Amber Zone Opening contest, you still got 19 new Amber Zones to enjoy. Those who did enter will also win prizes from the sponsors.

All contestants will also get a goody bag with a $5 gift certificate at DriveThruRPG and a PDF copy of Mongoose Traveller Character Sheet from Moon Toad Publishing and a PDF copy of 21 Plots III from Gypsy Knights Games and a PDF copy of Quick Decks 1: Starter Pack from DSL Ironworks.

The winner and the Top Three has already been presented. Below is a list of what the other entries will win.

WildernessLibrary Bob sent us three entries. The one we liked the best was the one called Aid and Comfort. For this he will get Prize Pack 1: The Career Bundle: Comprised of Career Books 1, 2 and 3 from Spica Publishing.

“This was the unholy offspring of Marc Miller’s dreams and Joss Whedon’s mind. And by unholy I of course mean great! Good stuff! Read the rules!” Dylan

“A nice little mercenary adventure that will end up not netting the players any money at all. I like it.” Mike

GGFor the entry A Call to Arms! Jason Weiser will get Deckplanners Prize: Quick Decks Full Bundle [BUNDLE] from DSL Ironworks.

“Possibility for all type of gaming in this scenario, ship to ship, armed conflict and diplomatic.” Eric

“Solid Amber Zone that folded in some starship combat well. Bonus point for sticking to the contest rules!” Dylan

Lord BrisbaneMarcus Maxiumus was the most productive contestant. Marcus sent in seven entries! Just for this productivity Amber Zone will give Marcus an extra $10 gift certificate at DriveThruRPG. From Spica Publishing Marcus will get Prize Pack 2: The Outer Veil Bundle. The entry the jury liked the most was the one called Peril of the Lord Brisbane.

“A well thought out rescue adventure.” Eric

“Lots of interesting BDH situations may be found in this Amber Zone.” BeRKA

Wardn_isodecahedron2Meteoric Assault sent in an entry called Wardn Gambits and also added maps for this Amber Zone. For this he will get the Type R Prize: Type R Subsidised Merchant Operators Manual from Moon Toad Publishing.

“Great amount of work went into the background and supporting information, ready to play ‘out of the box’!” Eric

“Good adventure but quite busy for an Amber Zone.” Dylan

PirateEric Bergmueller wrote the entry Welcome to the Grand Illusion! For this he will get The Hub Federation Prize Pack: A copy of Clement Sector, Hub Federation, Hub Federation Navy and Hub Federation Ground Forces from Gypsy Knights Games.

“A nice mix of natives and a ‘dungeon haul’.” Eric

“I could hear the Indiana Jones theme music playing in my head while reading through this Amber Zone. A beer and chips romp!” Dylan

SastrugiFor the entry Ice Cold on Alexandria Alegis Downport will get the Frontier Pilots Prize: Bastards of Foreven Fleet Book 3: Frontier Ships from DSL Ironworks.

Great idea to use a film title and then almost do the opposite… 😉

“A good, solid dungeon crawl, in the vein of Shadows. It works and should prove a decent challenge for the PCs.” Mike

“A horror/thriller movie in the making!” Eric

Warrior RaceJim Vassilakos sent us the entry Lanthanum Hunt. For this he will  get the Prize Pack 3: The Worlds & Adventures Bundle: Comprised of System Book 1: Katringa, System Book 2: Xibalba and Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals from Spica Publishing.

“This is an interesting dilemma for the PCs to figure out how they are going to steal the lanthanum.” Mike

“A lot of fun for everyone with the right group of players.” Eric

The top three 2015

The top three in the Amber Zone 2015 Contest are:

  1. Judge Me Worthy by Friz
  2. Theatre of Operations by Michael Brown
  3. Cold Snap Happy by Ade Stewart

We have already presented the winner.

For the second place, Michael Brown will get The Starship Prize Pack from Gypsy Knights Games.

Some comments from the Jury:

“Solid Amber Zone, good for a mercenary group.” Dylan

“This Amber Zone works great. I like it a lot.” Mike

“An aspect of gaming lightly used, a possible game
changer for the players if they are totally successful.” Eric

“Not bad at all. Could be placed in an ATU where the Askala was the initial colonizers/explorers. The rescue operation is interesting with the war going on.” BeRKA

The Askala
The Askala await the migration caravan to take them offworld.
Image from Wikimedia – CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

For the third place, Ade Stewart will get The Clement Sector Starter Prize Pack from Gypsy Knights Games.

Some comments from the Jury:

“The terrain, atmosphere and especially the Drek had a solid air of believability; Ade put some research and thought into this and it shows! An SF Farley Mowat style story – brilliant!” Dylan

“Good, solid adventure. Well structured, with reasonable hazards.” Mike

“Well thought out animals and use of them in the scenario is terrific.” Eric

“There are a few things I really like about this one. Abandoned cities, Strange animals, Poachers. I also liked that Ade made a picture of the Drek. ” BeRKA

The winner is (2015)

The Jury voted and the worthy winner is Friz (again) with his entry Judge Me Worthy. Friz has selected the Type A2L Prize, Ship Book: A2L Far Trader from our sponsor Moon Toad Publishing.

Some comments from the Jury:

“What a fantastic caper; this starts out as a comedic romp and ends up in a brilliant plot twist leading to some dire circumstances for the players. This Amber Zone could be a spring-board to an entire campaign. Bonus points for adhering to the contest rules! I do judge this worthy!” Dylan

“I think this is an interesting situation with some opportunities for heroics. I like that this start up as a non-threatening almost comic situation
that then turns quite serious.” BeRKA

“The scary ticket combined with the ending twist makes this a roller coaster of a adventure.” Eric

“I like it. Simple, direct, and to the point. No extraneous fluff. Just a direct setup and straight forward follow through.” Mike


Image from Pixabay – Public Domain

All Contest Entries has now been posted – 2015

All Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Contest – 2015 has now been posted. These are the 19 entries. Which one is your favourite?

  1. Sinking Ship by Library Bob
  2. Out of the Frying Pan by Marcus Maxiumus
  3. Welcome to the Grand Illusion! by Eric Bergmueller
  4. A Call to Arms! by Jason Weiser
  5. Lanthanum Hunt by Jim Vassilakos
  6. Rogue Planet by Marcus Maxiumus
  7. Judge Me Worthy by Friz
  8. Prisoner Exchange by Marcus Maxiumus
  9. Aid and Comfort by Library Bob
  10. Wardn Gambits by Meteoric Assault
  11. Theatre of Operations by Michael Brown
  12. Ice Cold on Alexandria by Alegis Downport
  13. Ashfall by Marcus Maxiumus
  14. Peril of the Lord Brisbane by Marcus Maxiumus
  15. Cold Snap Happy by Ade Stewart
  16. Send in the Clones by Marcus Maxiumus
  17. Saving Fluffy by Marcus Maxiumus
  18. The Outer Limits by Library Bob
  19. Big Dam Heroes by Ade Stewart